Raikastamo’s organic Juice Boxes – no added sugar!

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Apple-pear juice

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Orange-carrot juice

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Cranberry-Grape juice

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Blueberry-Apple juice

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We are proud to present – Raikastamo’s genuine Soda drinks

Red Grapefruit




Raikastamo’s classics -premium Bottled Juices


This is where it started!
Raikastamo’s classic fruit bomb.

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Pure solar power! Our oranges grow at certified organic farms.

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Raikastamo’s Currant brings back the familiar flavour of childhood. Approved by Grandma!

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Contact & Resell information

Raikastamo Oy
PL 31 
00531 Helsinki, Finland

tel. +358 20 786 2911

CEO Jyri Kähönen
+358 20 786 2910

Production Antti-Jussi Rantala
+358 20 786 2911

Sales and Marketing Assistant
Päivi Virvonen
+358 20 786 2912

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Once upon a time, there were six friends who shared a dream of an apple orchard.

Because none of them had any land, they bought an old juice press, a truckload of bottles and a lot of the best organic apples. They began to press juice in an old warehouse in connection with the apple orchard. The place was named Raikastamo – which freely translates as Freshery.

The friends chose the most acidic and the sweetest apple varieties for their recipes. With the combination of them, a rich taste was obtained in the bottles. Raikastamo’s first product, Apple Juice even won the Organic Product of the Year award. Word began to spread about the excellent product, and the customer base began to expand at a rapid pace.

Raikastamo’s product family has expanded and constantly mesmerises new friends. Today, Raikastamo’s products can be spotted in the best cafes and shops nationwide.

Raikastamo’s journey continues – the friends still dream of their apple orchard, and making new additive-free, delicious organic products available to an increasing amount of people. Jump on board, when you visit the beverage shelf next time!